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China Garment Association: focus on hot spots | Jiangxi Institute of fashion supports the development of textile and garment industry in Gannan and other former Central Soviet Areas

In order to implement the spirit of the "notice on extending counterpart support for the development of Gannan and other former Central Soviet areas by universities and scientific research institutions in the province" and the notice of the people's Government of Jiangxi Province on printing and distributing the "2 + 6 + n" industrial high-quality leapfrog development action plan in Jiangxi Province, focusing on comprehensively promoting rural revitalization, industrial development, local economic development, etc., to drive students to return to their hometown for employment Entrepreneurship, to help the development of home clothing industry. On the afternoon of December 5, the production and education service center of Jiangxi Institute of fashion, together with the office of Ganzhou garment industry promotion and development group, together with the relevant responsible comrades from Yudu County, Ningdu county and Shicheng County, interpreted industrial development and talent policy for Ganzhou students in the academic lecture hall on the third floor of Sixian building in Jiangfu Chen Hui, head of science and Technology Development Department of Ganzhou textile and garment industry office, Wu Yuan, deputy director of Yudu County textile and garment industry development center, Liao Sansheng of Ningdu county Party committee talent office, Liu Qirong of Shicheng County Party committee talent office Liu Qi, executive and personnel manager of Yudu branch of China Textile Standard (Shenzhen) Testing Co., Ltd.; Guo Wenxing, vice president of Ganzhou Wenda Technology Co., Ltd.; Yi Cheng, vice president of Jiangfu; Wan Ping, director of production and education service center More than 400 students from Ganzhou attended the activity.

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